By Kolby Terrell

(KOCO) — An Oklahoma death row inmate is scheduled to be executed on Thursday.

The Oklahoma State Pardon and Parole Board recommended clemency for Phillip Hancock, but Gov. Kevin Stitt has yet to announce a decision. Hancock was convicted in the 2001 shooting deaths two men, Robert Jett and James Lynch, in Oklahoma City — something his attorney said he did in self-defense.

"If they are so sure that Phil is guilty of first-degree murder and should be killed, then test the DNA or give it to us. Let us test the DNA," said Shawn Nolan, Hancock's attorney. "He struggled with these men. He got the gun away, and he shot them both. What was he supposed to do?"

But Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond's office stands by his conviction, saying the evidence proves it wasn't self-defense.

“Murder is murder," said Robert Lynch, James' brother.

Whether the execution is carried out this week now rests in Stitt's hands.

"The board can recommend what they want. I don't think it's going to happen. I really don't think he has a chance but never know what the governor decides," said Robert.

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