ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Oklahoma ranks among the top 10 worst states for teen suicides. That's the impetus for one organization to bring awareness and make a change in the statistics.

They call themselves Generation Why. The group talks with young people about suicide prevention and anti-bullying by incorporating music and the arts in their traveling presentations.

"The students right now are struggling more with mental health than any of us would ever would know," said Ada High School teacher Toni Jones. "Everything is so different from when we were younger."

Generation Why promotes "finding your why" by having members share their experiences.

"I thought it was amazing how they talked about our purpose, and how do we belong, and how we needed to have that purpose to be successful," said student Jackson Grider.

"It's purpose. It's drive. It's passion," said Generation Why dancer Jaydn Hicks. "We truly use this to show people this is what we're here for, and that we're here for you."

For Jordan Miller, the organization's founder, this message hits home.

"I'm a suicide survivor. I attempted twice when I was a freshman in college, and then I lost one of my really good friends to suicide, and I lost a close friend to suicide after that," Miller said. "I felt in my heart a burden and a need to show people exist, and when the statistic hit I was like, 'We need to take care of our home.'"

Contact Generation Why if you're interested in the group visiting your school.