(KTEN) — Some Texoma TV viewers who watch KTEN, ABC 10 and The Texoma CW using an over-the-air antenna have had questions about poor reception for several months now. Here is a statement from KTEN General Manager Dave Tillery about progress in restoring our full service signal: 

In August, our primary antenna was damaged in a storm.  We have been broadcasting on a backup antenna since that time.  The backup antenna is able to reach most, but not all, of our over-the-air viewers. 

The primary antenna was sent to the manufacturer for repairs.  The antenna will be returned to us [the week of November 20].  We will then have a tower crew install the repaired antenna on top of our tower. 

It is a major project to reinstall the 70-foot antenna on top of our nearly 1,500-foot tower (which is taller than the Empire State Building).  We hope to have the project completed in the next two weeks.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Here is a map of the KTEN tower located northeast of Tishomingo, Oklahoma; be sure that your receiving antenna is aimed at this location:

If you need more help to receive our signal, click here and enter your address to view an interactive map. You may also need to rescan your digital TV tuner to accurately receive all available channels. Click here for more information from the FCC.