DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Bluepeak Internet says it is working to bring its services to Denison.

"We're currently in the design phase of the construction project," said Bluepeak spokesperson Jesse Granger. "Typically, this is a two- to three-year build, but we're wanting to break ground in 2024 and launch service to Denison by mid to late next year."

The company says it has a strong focus on bringing broadband to more rural areas. According to their research, about 15 percent of Denison homes do not have an internet connection.

Bluepeak says its ultimate goal is to help areas with less broadband, because having internet in 2023 has become a necessity in an online economy.

"Whether working from home, learning from home, applying for jobs, applying for benefits, tele-health... the list goes on," Granger said. "And frankly, it's 2023, and fast, reliable internet is no longer a privilege of the few; it's a necessity for so many."

Bluepeak currently serves parts of Oklahoma, Wyoming, and the Dakotas; this is the company's first presence in Texas.