(KTEN) – The first Thanksgiving was observed in October 1621 when the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians gathered together to celebrate a successful harvest in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Since weather records do not extend back to that time, we will be looking at weather records extending back to 1897 when the Sherman, Texas weather observing site was established to gauge the history of Thanksgiving in Texoma.

1906 and 1926 were rather warm years for Thanksgiving with a high temperature of 82°. 1993 was the coldest year with a high temperature of 28°.

Thanksgiving weather records for Sherman


The rainiest Thanksgiving was of recent memory with 1.65” of rain recorded in Sherman, Texas in 2015. The snowiest Thanksgiving was in 1968 and 1980 with only a trace of snow being recorded.

Forecast for Thanksgiving 2023


The Thanksgiving 2023 forecast does not look to break any records, but there could be some travel impacts depending on where you go. The East Coast could have impactful weather Tuesday and Wednesday with heavy rain and high winds. Flight delays are more likely in that part of the country.

Texoma will have to deal with some rain and wind Sunday through Tuesday before conditions clear right on time for Thanksgiving. If you have any regional travel plans, those look to be just fine.