Karrissa Hodge knows first hand the impact domestic violence and the fear of having a family member go missing.

As a survivor herself, she knew she wanted to find a way to help others so she started the missing and murdered indigenous women organization.

Hodge said, "it is the 3rd leading cause of death for native women, not knowing those things you can't bring awareness to it, you can't protect your native friend, you cant be aware of your surroundings if you don't know those things."

After it was founded Hodge's niece was kidnapped.

"Thankfully I was already doing this organization and this work but it kind of hit closer to home," Hodge said.

She and her family feared they would face the same reality as so many other native women, but sharing posters with others is what brought her home.

"That one look or that one share on Facebook could save somebodies life," she said.

Hodge and the MMIW board, along with the 62 volunteers, work year round to help victims of domestic violence, kidnapping, and families who are homeless.

For thanksgiving they hold a food drive every year, but this year they wanted to do more. Members of the organization will be preparing home cooked meals from items donated in the food drive and delivering them to families and individuals in need.

See the MMIW's flyer for donation drop off locations.