DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — After an executive session during last week's City Council meeting, Denison approved an agreement with AB Sherman Holding Company after filing a lawsuit earlier this year regarding the condition of two multifamily properties. 

"A Chapter 54 lawsuit is in regard to a city's ability to demolish a property if they don't hit certain benchmarks," said City of Denison spokesperson Emily Agans. 

Those benchmarks include safety measures and bringing the buildings at the East Coast Apartments and Circle Apartments up to code for tenants. 

"Our priority throughout this whole process has been the safety of our residents or residents living in these properties," Agans said. "Recently, the property owner and contractor have worked really well with the city and have been very responsive."

The settlement includes a reimbursement for city attorney fees, which total about $50,000.

A deadline for the benchmarks is set for June 1, 2024. The property owner and contractor must receive a certificate of occupancy by the deadline. 

"This settlement doesn't dismiss the lawsuit; the lawsuit will remain open, so if these benchmarks aren't met, we can go back to court," Agans explained.