DURANT, Okla. (KTEN) — After at least two years of planning and construction, the District Hall food court is officially open at the Choctaw Casino and Resort in Durant.

"We've been working on this since the Sky Casino, and it has completely changed the landscape of the way this area of the building is," said marketing director Kaley Green.

On Wednesday, the casino invited several key Durant figures to a tasting event.

"There are five different venues in here, flagshipped by the Texas-based chain Velvet Taco," Green explained. "The other four concepts are Choctaw concepts."

The Velvet Taco is an important addition, since it's the only location in all of Texoma, according to the restaurant's website.

"It's a Texas-based chain that our guests are very familiar with," said Green. "We don't have a Tex-Mex or taco place here on property, so it's been a great addition that guests can enjoy."

Food isn't the only addition in District Hall; there is also a bar with frozen alcoholic choices.

"Five new additions of the District food hall," said Green. "We are up to 20 restaurants and 21 bars, so this is five more options for our guests to choose from."

The space has technically been open since October 1, but Green said the restaurants have taken this time to train new employees for the tasting day.

She noted that it's going to be a perfect complement to the one restaurant located in the family-friendly area down the hall.

"Changed the landscape of the building," said Green. "It is fun and exciting and convenient for families right next to the District, which has arcades, bowling, and a cinema."