(KTEN) — House Republicans and Democrats joined forces Tuesday to halt an imminent government shutdown for the second time this year.

With just a few days left before the deadline, the House of Representatives passed a measure to head off that dire situation.

The bill funds certain federal programs through January 19. Among the priority items are Veterans Affairs, transportation, and housing.

But some members — including Texas Rep. Pat Fallon (R-District 4) remained unsatisfied with the bill's contents.

"The reason why I couldn't vote for the continuing resolution was because it didn't have any provisions at all on border security," he said. "I think we need to have that, because it is a crisis on the border. It's beyond a crisis... it's a catastrophe."

The budget resolution in the GOP-controlled House got a green light from 209 Democrats and only 127 Republicans. 

Republican Oklahoma lawmakers Kevin Hern (District 1) and Josh Brecheen (District 2) also voted against the measure; Stephanie Bice (District 5), Frank Lucas (District 3) and Tom Cole (District 4) voted for it. 

"We cannot shut down the government and punish the American people, our service members, and civilian workforce in the interim," said Cole in a written statement.

With a measure in place to prevent an immediate shutdown, members of congress will use that time to draft a more favorable bill.

"It's really a bridge to another date," Fallon said. "Within that time frame, it gives the parties — the two parties — the negotiating time to pass an appropriations bill to pass a funding bill."

The stopgap bill must still get Senate approval before landing on President Biden's desk. The White House says the president does plan to sign the funding legislation when he receives it.