DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — The Denison City Council has decided to join the City of Grand Prairie in a lawsuit against the State of Texas.

Senate Bill 2038 took effect in September. It lets property owners petition to be excluded from a city's extra-territorial jurisdiction. 

Grand Prairie filed the lawsuit against Texas as they believe the law is unconstitutional. 

"Our council felt that it was important to join in on this action because here in Denison we have a lot of infrastructure in our ETJ that they felt it was important to protect," said Denison city spokesperson Emily Agans. 

The purple outline shows the extra-territorial jurisdiction zone of the City of Denison.

Denison has 72.76 square miles of extra-territorial jurisdiction. The City of Denison has not received any petitions thus far. Denison joined the lawsuit with a contribution of $25,000. 

In its lawsuit, Grand Prairie claims Senate Bill 2038 violates the Texas Constitution.