DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — The Denison Education Foundation distributed $40,261 in classroom grants to teachers and educators within the district. The foundation's mission is to generate resources to enhance education for students.

"They all tug at your heartstrings, and you really want to fund each grant; it's hard to make a decision," said Melanie Truxal, DEF's executive director. "We believe strongly in supporting our teachers and giving back to our students, so we love to look for innovative and creative ways that we can do that."

Pam Bellerman, a teacher at Hyde Park Elementary, received a grant for her sign language club, Musical Hands.

"You know it's not textbooks or anything like that," said Bellerman. "It's the special projects that teachers think up"

Her 99 students meet weekly to learn songs in sign language, and they preform at events all over the city.

"Well it's music, and music is really good for a child of any ability," Bellerman said.

Hyde Park Assistant Principal Sarah Ewton received a grant to build a mobile behavior intervention station.

"We receive about 20-25 behavior calls every day," Ewton said. "This will allow me to do it right there at the classroom and minimize lost learning time. "

This year the foundation awarded 13 grants across campuses in the Denison Independent School District.

The money comes from fundraisers held throughout the year, and the grants are given out annually.