(KTEN) – Stemming back to 1919, Veterans Day has been celebrated across the United States to honor those who have fought for our nation’s freedom. Parades, luncheons, and get-togethers were at the mercy of the day’s weather and some years brought some difficult weather conditions.

In 1927, a very warm Veterans Day was observed in Sherman, Texas with a high temperature of 85°, which is 20° above average for this time of year. Summer-like attire was most certainly worn.

Among other notable years, the lowest high temperature observed on Veterans Day was 41° in 1950. Winter jackets and long pants were needed on that Veterans Day.

The rainiest Veterans Day occurred in 2022 with 0.90 inches of rainfall in Sherman, Texas!

Veterans Day 2023 brings a chance for a light sprinkle in the morning with highs in the upper 50s. No records will be broken this year, but a jacket and pants will be needed to stay warm at any outdoor festivities.

Forecast for Veterans Day 2023


Thank you to all veterans who have served our great nation!