BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — Members of the Bonham Economic Development Corporation met with citizens on Thursday evening to review the blueprint for livening up downtown.

"Bonham's meeting was entirely dedicated to soliciting citizen opinion on their master plan for downtown," said," BEDCO executive director Gayle Cooper.  "I'm very grateful for the participation... very grateful."

BEDCO presented elements of the plan, collecting comments for consideration as the work moves forward.

"We're very excited about having all of these people here tonight; their comments were mostly positive," Cooper said.

One of the chief goals of the downtown Bonham master plan is to draw more people into the city, but BEDCO stressed that the proposal is not set in stone.

"We are in a wonderful position, but this is a 20, 25-year plan," said BEDCO board member Allen Sanderson "It's a living document; it's going to change as we go through it."

But some still have concerns over losing the city's historic charm, despite the master plan prioritizing historical buildings.

Bonham could start seeing changes to downtown in as soon as five years.