WHITEWRIGHT, Texas (KTEN) — Whitewright High School students and staff are holding their 5th annual honor guard to honor military veterans.

Students and staff gathered at the veterans memorial in front of the football stadium Thursday to begin the solemn ceremony. There they are taking shifts to stand vigil continuously for 24 hours.

This is the first year participating for sophomore Annabelle Philpott, who wanted to recognize those who have served.

"When Veterans Day rolls around, they kind of get caught up in, 'Oh, we get to have an assembly and get out of school,'" she said. "But doing something, I guess, not really that fun like this can have more reverence and remembrance."

Junior Mia Saenz has family ties to the military, and this isn't her first time to participate in the vigil.

"My uncle was in the Navy for 10 years, and my cousin is also in the Navy and is currently in Japan," she said.

Saenz acknowledges the sacrifices so many have made, and how this ceremony reflects the hardships for those who wear the uniform.

"It's really special, because it's very scary when they're out fighting for our country, but it really is important," Saenz said.

Forty-eight Whitewright Tigers are participating in this year's event.