ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — If you live in Ada or have driven through Ada, you've probably crossed the "crazy corner" intersection.

Because of the number of collisions — most recently last week — the City of Ada is looking into potential solutions.

Last Monday, there was another crash at the intersection of East Arlington Street, North Mississippi Avenue and a railroad crossing when an 18-wheeler was hit by a train.

While there were no significant injuries this time, it wasn't a first at that location.

"There's always been an issue, especially with people that are from out of town. They're not used to navigating through that intersection," Ada's assistant police chief Tracy Jackson said. "Since the railroad has upped its speed limit, that adds a hazard to that intersection."

 Ada's "crazy corner" intersection. (Google Maps)

It's part of the reason the City of Ada, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Chickasaw Nation are partnering to address safety issues at the crossing.

Discussions have been happening for over two decades, but funding has always been an issue.

"Because the accidents have been lower severity, it has not been the highest priority project.," said Ada engineering project manager Shelly Williams. "There are areas-- intersections-- that have much higher severity rates and fatalities. To my knowledge, there haven't been fatalities at this location."

Williams says that the biggest issues for the intersection are the three railroad crossings and lack of cross warning gates.

"Design has been settled on," Williams added. "It will eliminate two of the railroad crossings which will help traffic continue to move even when the train is going through."

Intersection re-design plans are 60 percent complete and utility relocation is currently being worked on.