ADA, Okla. (KTEN) - Dior Scott has chased the game of football all over the country.

"I've been through a lot," said Scott. "This is just another stepping stone. God never put too much on my plate, he knows I can persevere through."

Scott started his college career in 2018 at Laney, a junior college, in Oakland, California, before transferring to the University of Hawai'i.

Upon graduation, he entered the transfer portal last December looking for his final college football stop. That led him to Ada, Oklahoma, a place he'd never been before.

"My mom lives three hours away in Arkansas," said Scott. "That was a big factor for me, just really being close to my mom so she can see me play my final collegiate games here. I just like the team aspect and really how the boys were close knit and stuff like that."

Scott did not know much about East Central University but they knew plenty about him after he starred in season five of the Netflix show 'Last Chance U.'

"It was kind of surreal," said ECU head coach John Litrenta. "When he gets here and you're like oh... he's going to be like this and he gets here and he's the complete opposite. It's like we've got to have this guy for all those reasons."

"Surprisingly he wasn't heavily touted like people probably thought. I don't know what that was for but a lot of people missed out on a really good individual."

The Tigers found their diamond in the rough as Scott leads the team in receiving (484), punt return (147) and kick return yards (221).

At Laney, Scott was sleeping in his car and working at Wingstop to support himself and his football journey. It inspired many but it was harder to live it than tell it.

"The crazy part is, I didn't even want my story out there just because it was too personal," said Scott. "I just felt ashamed of myself but it's crazy how my story impacted the world."

The bay area native wants to make sure he's known as something more than just a television documentary star. His teammates see that day in and day out at practice.

"It's just amazing seeing Dior come out and lead," said fellow receiver CJ Moore. "Not just lead on the football field but be a great person as well."

As a college career that's spanned six years and three different time zones comes to a close, Scott feels prepared for the next chapter in his book.

"Really right now I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks as a college student," said Scott. "It's really a blessing and I'm glad the journey is here but it's time for a new journey."