(KTEN) — Law enforcement in southern Oklahoma is continuing to shut down illegal marijuana grows, most recently, shutting down a grow in Wynnewood.

Law enforcement executed a search warrant on a property northwest of Wynnewood and found 5,400 marijuana plants and 52 pounds of processed weed.

The grow was identified as Yo Verde Farm, LLC. Aquilino Martinez, who said he was the only person living on the property, was arrested.

"He actually worked there at the grow that was abandoned," Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullett said. "He claims that they had let it go and wasn't cultivating anything there but what we found in the house was a different story."

The Johnston County Sheriff's Office is auctioning off a property in Coleman, the site of a former illegal operation.

The site, located along State Highway 48, was seized in 2021 when a traffic stop was made and cash was seized linking it to the property.

An aerial view of the seized marijuana grow near Coleman, Oklahoma.

Two years later, through court proceedings, the Johnston County Sheriff's Office is able to auction the property, and because of state statute, is allowed to keep 75 percent of the proceeds. The remaining 25 percent will go to the District 20 District Attorney's office.

"We basically can use those funds to continue our fight against the war on crime and drugs, mainly ... purchasing equipment or material that we're going to use in an investigation," Sheriff Gary Dodd explained.

The auction for the 19-acre property is being conducted online and will begin on November 7. The minimum bid is $100,000.