(KTEN) — A thief targeted at least two liquor stores in Texoma this past week, pulling the same scam at both retailers.

The store owners claim more than $800 worth of products were stolen after a woman visited shops in Kingston and Tishomingo on October 23.

Both Liquorty Split in Kingston and Tishomingo Liquor fell victim after a customer left with merchandise without paying a dime.

The stores use Square payment processors for transactions. The owners said each time the person asked to use Apple Pay, but then changed her payment method to cash to make it appear as though the transaction had been completed.

"The next day, when it wasn't deposited, the wife called Square, and they said it never was applied," said Tishomingo Liquor owner Howard Culp.

"To have somebody come in and take that much away not only from me but from my employees... you know the employee that it happened to, it really crushed her that somebody had done that and then she had to tell me," said Liquorty Split owner Josie McGowan. 

The woman told employees the same story: That she was getting ready for a big party.

Both store owners said they've never had anyone steal from them using Apple Pay before. The retailers said they are making changes to prevent this from happening again.

"We've stopped taking Apple Pay or anything like it," McGowan said. "If you don't have a credit card, we won't sell it."