ADA, Okla. (KTEN) -- Dilapidated homes, an eyesore for many, are now being demolished within Ada city limits.

"The house does bother people. It brings down the neighborhood just visually,” said Scott Pardue, an Ada business owner impacted by dilapidated homes. “It hurts the real estate."

The city of Ada has 1,276 unoccupied housing units within city limits.

In an effort to minimize the number of dilapidated structures, the city has begun destroying them, following a procedure of notifying property owners holding a hearing over several months.

"The property owners would then have a chance to justify their case if they plan to remodel a property or improve the property,” Ada community development director Staci Bungard said. “If the house is found dilapidated, we would proceed with contacting a contractor to see that the property is leveled."

The city has demolished 12 homes so far, and another 12 units have been destroyed by their property owners.

"I'm not neighboring a house per se, like right next door, but there's 15 in every direction of me,” Pardue said. “People are struggling today and they need to find a place to go. A dilapidated house is not where it needs to be. Things are getting better since the tear down of these houses."

Bungard hopes the process will help with neighborhood development.

"They'll help us find creative ways for infill development to go back into these neighborhoods for additional housing units," she said.