SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN)—The Ebby Wade murder trial wrapped up its fourth day of testimony Thursday.

Ebby wade is accused of the first degree felony murder of 21-year-old Emilia Gunnels in March 2020.

Wade previously represented himself in the trial, but as of Thursday's hearing, he is now represented by attorneys Joe Smith and Tim Brown.

Wade pleads not guilty to the murder charge. He was the last person to see Gunnels before she went missing on March 21, 2020. Her body was recovered on March 23.

Officer Shane Rodriguez of the Sherman Police Department continued his testimony from Wednesday. He answered questions on how the investigation was conducted and what kind of evidence police collected.

The state brought in several expert witnesses, including forensic scientist John Witkowski, who testified on trace evidence found in Gunnel's car, including blood stains and hair samples in the trunk.

The state also called in former co-workers of Gunnels and Wade to testify on the pair's relationship.

One co-worker said Wade expressed to her that he wanted to be more than friends with Gunnels.

But in an interview with police played in court, Wade denied ever approaching Gunnels with a desire for a more intimate relationship.