DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — The Denison Independent School District confirmed Thursday that Director of Security Michael DeHaven has resigned as administrators named Paul Neumann to lead its new police department.  

DeHaven was hired in January to oversee the safety and security of students, faculty members and facilities for the district.

His letter of resignation is dated October 13, and it's addressed to the Board of Trustees. It reads, in part:

"I do not believe the district is serious about securing the nine campuses and four support centers. I believe the current Administrators to be unserious about security and have a poor understanding of what constitutes a secure facility."

"I have been cut out of security programs to satisfy egos, that put the district at risk."

"What I have found is a dysfunctional organization and unqualified leaders, where image and position trump work product and true leadership."

Scroll down to read DeHaven's full letter of resignation. 

Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. David Kirkbride challenged DeHaven's assertions.

"I am proud and I am confident in the state of security in Denison ISD," Kirkbride said. "Are we perfect? No. But we are continuously moving in the right direction."

With DeHaven out of the picture, Kirkbride is focused on the future of campus security, and the district believes they've found the person to lead their new police department, which was announced last month.

His name is Paul Neumann. DISD's first police chief is currently a school resource officer and has been with the district since 2019.

"The forming of the Denison ISD Police Department, and this morning's announcement of Denison ISD's chief of police position, is going to continue to move the district forward in keeping our students and our staff members safe," Kirkbride said. 

Neumann is expected to speak with KTEN on Monday about his plans, and what this position means to him.