(KTEN) – The annular solar eclipse on October 14 had a slight impact on the morning’s temperatures in parts of Texoma and the Lone Star State. On a typical sunny morning (October 11 line), temperatures climb throughout the 10 AM to 12 PM timeframe. During the morning of the eclipse (October 14 line), temperatures halted at 57° during that period. Due to a lack of sunlight, there was no significant warming of the surface.

Hourly temperatures during the eclipse in Sherman


Midland-Odessa, Texas was also impacted by the eclipse. Being in the path of annularity (complete totality of the annular eclipse), the temperatures fell slightly during the eclipse due to having the least amount of sunlight.

Hourly temperatures during the eclipse in Midland-Odessa


A total solar eclipse will pass through portions of Texoma on April 8, 2024 and could also have a greater impact on the region’s temperatures.

Path of the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse


Stay tuned for that update!