DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — After a contract renewal, emergency medical services will be available again in unincorporated neighborhoods near Denison.

The City of Denison and Grayson County approved a contract to provide fire and EMS services across the county.  Denison previously sourced a private EMS service, meaning Denison Fire Rescue did not provide it.

Under terms of the agreement, Grayson County will pay Denison monthly installments over the next year. Denison fire Chief Kenneth Jacks said the fire department offered to resume emergency services to neighboring communities.

"The total contract has Grayson County paying the City of Denison $292,000; again, that's from October of this year to September of next," explained Denison city spokesperson Emily Agans.

The contract is similar to years past and will include more unincorporated neighborhoods throughout the county.

When Kenneth Jacks took over as fire chief at Denison Fire Rescue, he pushed for emergency services to be brought back to the department. 

"Once we took our EMS coverage back, we offered it back to [the county], and they were more than agreeable to have us come back and provide that protection," Jacks said.

Safety is their top priority. 

"It was a natural occurrence," Jacks said. "Since we provide fire, we might as well provide EMS coverage, because we want to protect all of our citizens in the city limits but also in the county."