GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — Lots of Oklahomans were driving down to Texas on Friday for Saturday's big Red River Rivalry game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

And fans of all stripes were welcomed at the Gainesville Travel Information Center on the primary route to the big game, Interstate 35.

"Had so many people come today, just busloads of people," said Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman Adèle Lewis. "Everyone's coming wearing their OU T-shirts or Texas T-shirts."

Several cities around the Dallas-Fort Worth area set up booths at the center as a way to help bolster Texas tourism.

"To show off their area and city as options to stay at while they're here for the OU game," Lewis said.

Most travelers had their Boomer Sooner shirts on, and said they make this pilgrimage every year, but we also saw some visitors with Longhorns gear.

One couple said being on opposite sides of the Red River makes things more fun.

"It's a divided home but hey, we've made it work for 50 plus years," said one Texas fan. "We have fun every year, I root for the Sooners when they're not playing Texas. I root even harder when they play Texas A&M."

Being at the travel center was fun for fans to rev up their rivalry engines before the game.

"Number 1," said an OU fan. "Sooners number 1."

"I don't know 1 for what," said a Texas fan. "I don't know what they're one for but they're 1." 

And of course the question of the weekend...

"Who's going to win?"

"Texas of course, not this time OU," said a Texas fan. "Two years in a row, not this time"

"OU, Boomer Sooner," said an OU fan. "All the way, beat Texas."