DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — The Grayson County Frontier Village is reconstructing the Cold Springs Schoolhouse, the oldest standing school in the State of Texas.

The building is nearly 200 years old, and it was in desperate need of restoration. The crew has to add six boards to the original structure, but everything else on the building has been preserved.

The Holder family was among the first six families to settle in Grayson County, and in 1840 they built what's believed to be the county's first school for their children and the neighbors.

"If it's not here, you can't see it... and if it goes away, you won't never see it," said groundskeeper Dan Cirkles. "That's why were trying to preserve it and keep it to as original as we can keep it."

Their next project will be to start reconstruction on the Nettie Bass House, the first building in Grayson County to have glass windows.

To take a tour or help with the project, visit the Frontier Village website