TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) — The home of Davis-Moore American Legion Post 164 in Tishomingo has been standing for almost 100 years.

Johnston County veterans have been working to renovate the building, but much is left to be done.

The original building was built by the Disciples of Christ church in 1916; it's been owned by Post 164 since 1934.

"When I was voted in as the post commander, this was my vision: That we would put a new roof on this building," said Vickie Parks, the first female commander of Post 164. "We would clean it up. It would be something everybody would be proud of to invite someone to come here."

Members have invested $32,000 in repairs, and the history of the building remains.

Renovation work continues on American Legion Post 164 in Tishomingo.

"Under the floor we found a couple horseshoes from this being a blacksmith shop," said post member Roger Evers. "People come down and talk about being here, but there's so much missing [information] from the 50s, 60s, and 70s."

The goal is to have Post 164's home stand for another century.

"The legacy I want to leave is that I did the best I could," Parks said. "I made the best use of the monies that were donated to further the use and the history of this building."

Post 164 is asking for $16,000 in donations for a new roof, and heating and air conditioning, which would complete the renovation project.

Any forms and amounts of donations are accepted, and can be delivered to 201 South Capitol Avenue in Tishomingo.