SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — After Tuesday's meeting of Grayson County Commissioners, the jail expansion has a feature; and a new subdivision leaves one commissioner with safety concerns.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the purchase of a new generator for the jail, which is undergoing an upgrade.

"We have the opportunity to purchase early, and the company will store it so that when we are in need of it, it can be delivered right on site and there won't be a delay," said County Judge Bruce Dawsey.

The new generator will serve as a backup for utilities around the jail.

"Everything from lighting, to making sure that the bars stay locked, the exhaust systems, the fire suppression systems," Dawsey said.

In addition to seeking relief for jail overcrowding, Grayson County is seeing an influx of new residents.

Commissioner Phyllis James sees trouble ahead as developers rush to build subdivisions.

"It's a real problem for Grayson County;  we're in an emergency situation with EMS," she said.

The Pecan Grove subdivision in Whitesboro has been in progress for two years, with Phase Three recently getting approval from all commissioners — except James. She is concerned that existing emergency services aren't keeping up with growth.

"My fear is, if there's a fire or someone having a medical emergency that it will be very difficult to get emergency equipment back in there," James said. "When I see these developments come in that I feel are unsafe, I will continue to vote 'no.'"