KINGSTON, Okla. (KTEN) — The Marshall County Super Bowl between Kingston and Madill is an annual tradition. And it's not hard to tell who won the latest match-up.

"We had fought so long, and we were not going to let it end with a loss," said Kingston sophomore Reid Patterson. 

Following Kingston's 35-34 victory over Madill, it was immediately on to the next task at hand, and another tradition: Painting a railroad bridge

"After the game we were excited, changing in the locker room, and we had police blocking the road so we could get down there and paint it," Patterson said. "Man, everybody... football team, cheerleaders... everybody in the high school. it was a big deal."

And these are not the kind of antics that cause someone to come clean up after them.

"It stays there till next year, until we decide who paints the trestle again in the Marshall County Super Bowl," Patterson said.

Fast forward to this week, and the thrill of the Game One victory hasn't faded, but there's a new challenger ahead: Coalgate.

"Looking to put some points up early, get a head start on them," said junior Brayden Ellisor. "This year we're just trying to be district champs, and prove ourselves, and get out there."

Kingston plays at home this week, but when they hit the road, they get a reminder of their early season success.

"This year you get to puff your chest out and know that everyone else in the county is seeing red and white — seeing your name and number up there, and your whole team, and what you've earned," Patterson said.

This is hopefully a tradition that carries on for years to come.