BURNEYVILLE, Okla. (KTEN) — It's been a busy month of September for Turner Public Schools.

Taxpayers have approved another bond package, and the district welcomed its first school resource officer.

"We have spent our local monies," Turner superintendent Shari Pillow said. "We spent $85,000 to put in secure doors. We've done all that with local funds, but all these campus upgrades take money."

Turner Public Schools turned to the taxpayers, who approved a one million dollar bond package with a three-and-a-half percent property tax rate increase.

This is five years after approving a previous bond proposition.

"It was for our agriculture education building, and that bond is coming off the tax rolls before this one goes on," Pillow said.

The money will be used to renovate Turner's 40-year old auditorium and update baseball and softball fields. Plus, new playground equipment and school buses to accommodate the district's 238 square miles.

District safety is also getting a boost.

Deputy Katie Nichols with the Love County Sheriff's Office started her new position on Monday as Turner's first school resource officer.

"If we were to have an incident, then it's usually a 10 to 20 minute dispatch time for someone to get out here," Pillow explained.

"Hopefully it'll stop people. Make them think twice about bringing weapons, guns-- acting poorly on campus around the kids," Deputy Nichols said. "I hope it inspires other counties. I think there should be a resource officer in every school."

According to Superintendent Shari Pillow, Turner Public Schools is expected to receive the funds for the bonds on December 14.