SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott paid a visit to Sherman Tuesday morning to talk business.

The three-term Republican chief executive gave the keynote speech at Mayor David Plyler's second annual economic roundtable. The discussion opened with a talk between Sherman Economic Development Corporation president Kent Sharp and Texas Instruments vice president Kyle Flessner about TI's continuing projects in the area.

Abbott spoke at length about the state's strong economic standing, and he praised Grayson County for its role in that success.

"I just want to make sure that everybody here understands the prolific role played by your local economic development leaders," the governor said. "You are among the very best in the entire State of Texas."

Abbott also discussed the $18 billion property tax cut recently enacted by the Texas Legislature, which he called the largest in the state's history.

"We in Texas understand if we have a budget surplus, that money doesn't belong to the state," Abbott said. "It doesn't belong to the legislature. That money belongs to you. It is your money."

Representative Reggie Smith moderated the talk. He said the roundtable showcased the best Grayson County has to offer.

"I think he got what is invaluable for a governor of a state of 30 million people, and that is experience on the ground, and getting a sense of the impact of the policies that he's implementing in Austin," Smith said.