(KTEN) — The Texas Education Agency announced it is delaying the release of 2023 school accountability ratings.

This comes after outcry from districts across the state over changes in how schools are rated.

Previously, a school would receive an A grade if 60 percent of its graduating seniors went to college, pursued a non-college career, or joined the military. However, the TEA revised the system in January with a higher benchmark of 88 percent to achieve an A grade.

The TEA said the ratings are being delayed so the data can be re-examined.

S&S Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Jeff Russell said the revamp was a source of frustration, as a school district's rating could drop even if the students' academic performance stayed the same.

"As superintendents, we feel that that's probably going to benefit districts, it should help us a little bit with some of the refresh stipulations that have been put in place over the summer," Russell said. "So we hope that this delay will actually end up benefiting schools."

Ratings were originally set to come out on September 28. The TEA has yet to announce a new release date.