Okla., (KTEN)--Last week, Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters announced a partnership with PragerU Kids. 

Oklahoma is the second state to implement its educational materials in public schools.

“This is a great counter to woke liberal indoctrination in the classroom. It's focused on the basics of history, uses primary sources, and introduces kids to some of the monumental people in our history. We are excited to get that in classrooms,” Walters explained. 

According to the PragerU website, the non-profit "offers a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education."

“We listened to parents all over the state who said, ‘Hey look, we want more of an emphasis on U.S. history and a better understanding of the founding fathers,'" Walters said. 

Critics have called PragerU Kids right-wing indoctrination

"This is a focus on history as it occurred. We are trying to ensure our kids understand American history and what made America great, and we will continue to drive that home," Walters said.

Some would like to see politics on both sides left outside the classroom. 

“I think that is too much for the school. They have enough things to worry about with all of the stuff going on now,” said Ardmore resident Michael Carr. “So I think it should be up to each citizen in the school.”

KTEN reached out to a number of southern Oklahoma school administrators who said they have not yet thoroughly reviewed the materials but plan to in the near future. 

“I would advise everyone to go online and look at the curriculum,” Walters said. ”We are going to be very transparent with taxpayers and parents. We want everybody to see what’s going on in our schools.”