ADA, Okla. (KTEN) -- A threatening text message sent to an Ada high school student Monday morning caused the entire district to go into lockdown, leading to an investigation by Ada Police and the district attorney's office.

Ada City Schools superintendent Mike Anderson was made aware of the incident just after eight in the morning Monday.

"The high school principal notified me of a conversation he had had with a student's parent, and some information that was contained in a screenshot of a text message," Anderson said. "It was concerning enough to me that we needed to take quick action."

The contents of the text message have not been released; however, it had warned the student who reported it to not go to school.

Because no ACS building was specifically identified, the entire district was locked down.

"Fairly quickly, we were able to determine that the texts were coming from the student who had reported that to his mother, who had then reported it to the school," Tracy Jackson said, assistant chief at the Ada Police Department. "We went and talked to the kids. Ran down some names that were mentioned in the texts. Eventually we talked to the kid who reported it and he let us know what was going on."

Ada City Schools administration plans to meet Wednesday morning to discuss how the situation was handled.

"Rehash what we learned, which we do after every event or incident that we might have," superintendent Anderson said. "How quickly can we get the word out. How well did we communicate."

Ada police have not yet determined why the hoax text messages were sent.

The student admitted responsibility and charges are pending.