ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- More technology, and more upgrades for the Ardmore Police Department. This time, it's for every single one of APD's cruisers helping with traffic violations and citations.

"There could possibly be more citations written, but another thing that we have to look at is how fast a citation can be written," assistant city manager Kevin Norris said.

A new technology called Digi-Ticket is in all 30 of APD's cruisers.

It's a software, mobile printer and bar code reader that will allow officers to enter a driver's information into a computer during a traffic stop, and if a citation is given, print it out, compared to the old method: hand writing all the information.

"We can issue up to four tickets or citations on one paper form, versus having to hand write it four times, which can take up four times as much time," Brice Woolly said, a lieutenant on APD's patrol unit.

According to Woolly, APD's two day shift patrol officers average around 130 citations distributed per month.

It's believed the new tech will allow officers to complete a more thorough job during a traffic stop.

"This also tracks warnings. It shows the driver what the fine is," Woolly added.

"If an officer was on a traffic stop writing a ticket by hand, if they were going to issue more than one, they would only issue one because they received another call," Norris explained. "The electronic format for a citation is much quicker."

The Digi-Ticket system cost the city of Ardmore approximately $35,000 for a year-long contract before it has to be renewed.