SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN)—Sherman ISD is partnering with the National Math and Science Institute to boost STEM education across the district to prepare students for careers in the tech industry.

Over the summer, the high school AP teachers received special training funded by a grant from the NMSI.

"For us to raise the bar for students, we have to raise the bar for teachers," Secondary Education Director Blake Hays said.

The goal of the partnership is to attract more students to STEM courses, and increase the quality of those classes.

"We want to make it where the kids want more stem education," Hays said. "So increasing the stem education opportunities for our students, which includes not only the courses we teach but the partnerships with those industries."

Melody Young has taught math at Sherman High School for almost three decades. She sees a practical application for STEM courses beyond the technology industry.

"Students want to go into medicine, we have students that want to go into engineering, but even something like in the business world, they still need to understand statistics, they still need to understand math," Young said.

After three years, the district will re-evaluate the partnership and determine if they want to keep moving forward.