SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) -- Jaeger has been with the Sherman Police Department for a few years now but he's now officially retiring on Thursday. And he's about to go home and have a lot of fun with his family.

"When I'm starting my patrol car outside," said K9 handler Officer Breg Anderson. "And starts getting antsy, turning in circles, and thinking that I'm taking him to work with me, and he sees me walking out the door and is like 'what the heck dad where are you going?' So he's not liking it, but it's going to take some time to adjust."

Anderson had an emotional moment during the ceremony trying to describe what all 8-year-old Jaeger has meant to him.

"He's been my partner for a long time," said Anderson. "Made sure I went home many, many nights. Just, working with somebody who's got your back like this is emotional to not be able to work with them anymore."

Jaeger served since 2019.

"Apprehended many, many felony suspects," said Sherman Police Chief Jason Jeffcoat. "He's put his life on the line for other officers, at various times searching buildings and things like that."

Officer Anderson mentions his favorite memory is when they were on set of a California t.v. show, and Jaeger may have gotten a little excited when he saw the boom mic come around.

"Thought it was a little furry animal," said Anderson. "So he jumped up and snatched the mic out of mid-air and made a fool of both of us, but gotta love him."

Although the department is saying goodbye to Jaeger, they brought in a young 16-month-old pup, K9 Titan to start off his career.

"He's got a lot to learn," said Anderson. "But he's doing good so far."

Titan's been on the job now for a few months, and he's already making progress.

"Actually already apprehended some felony suspects and located some narcotics," said Chief Jeffcoat. "So, even though he's a young dog he's well trained and he's ready to hit the streets running."

Both dogs came in from a Florida trainer, and were imported from Poland and the Netherlands.