SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Veterans Field at Fairview Park, once home to the Sherman bearcats will soon become the new home for a semi- pro baseball team. 

"This is a great location here in North Texas in a booming area with the mass of industrial base we have here," said city councilman, Shawn Teamann. "I believe they're forecast in Sherman to be a long term home and to have an exciting future."

The league will mostly be comprised of collegiate players.

"You will get to see a lot of really really good players," said Sherman Communications Manager, Nate Strauch. "A lot of players that are really auditioning that will be drafting to the major leagues."

And the organization has agreed to pay for upgrades to Veterans Field.

That means taxpayers won't have to pay for a dime. 

"Veterans Field is not at the qaulity they need it to be. As part of this agreement will be is that they will be investing about $200,000 to upgrade the field to bring it up to semi-pro standards," said Strauch.

Although this has been months in the making, there were some hurdles along the way.

"In order to make the financials to make this whole deal work, they did need to make sure they would be able to sell beer at the games, because of a techniqality of state law with the park being close to Fairview Elementary School, even though this stadium itself isn't nearly close at all, they did have to ask city council to do that," said Strauch.

The team plans to take the field in May of next year. 

And many baseball fans are ready for the first pitch. 

"It gives someone else an outlet of things to do," said baseball fan, Steven Gibson. "I mean there's plenty of stuff to do, but that's really family oriented.