GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — Gainesville police are taking training to another dimension.

It's called InVeris SURVIVR, a new virtual reality training system that lets officers prepare for de-escalating scenarios without the use of force.

The system has a number of scenes in realistic environments ranging from schools, jails, and commercial settings. Officers are equipped with training versions of their normal duty equipment.

Police Chief Kevin Phillips explained that the new training system promotes communication over the use of equipment.

"As we all know, officers very rarely have to use their firearm," he said. "Sometimes the less lethal weapon is used more often, but that's really what we're there to do... is to allow for the officers to interact with these people and get the compliance that we're looking for in de-escalation. Just like we would in the real world."

Gainesville police purchased the InVeris system last December.

Virtual reality training for Gainesville police officers.