SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — More than $77 million of bonds were recently approved by the Sherman City Council, with the primary target of the funds being repairing and maintaining streets and parks.

"This is the largest investment we've ever made in our parks program in a single year," sad council member Josh Stevenson. "We did a comprehensive plan study just a while back; the two biggest things that people want us to focus on is downtown and our parks."

A majority of the spending plan will go towards improving the city's busiest streets.

"A lot of surface streets that don't get a lot of traffic are getting a lot of traffic, and those streets really need to be improved," Stevenson said. "The issue is, we don't want to tear up the streets people are using instead of [US Highway] 75 while 75 is still under construction. So there's going to be a long list of streets that need to get done once 75 is finished."

Other funds will be allocated to projects like renovations to Fire Station No. 1.

"We need more fire stations; we need more firefighters. Trying to find a way you can grow the fire department in a way where you don't have too many firefighters and you don't have too little of firefighters," Stevenson said.

Recreation coordinator Dylan Johnson said his department is focused on upgrading parks in anticipation of population growth.

"We've taken a real initiative to improve the quality of everything that we have, and that includes all of our parks," he said. "We're looking to make those featured parks shine that much more, and make them almost a destination for people in the community."