ARDMORE Okla., (KTEN) — This week marks one year since Ardmore police Chief Cameron Arthur was sworn in. 

Since then, the department has announced plans to build a standalone headquarters, and APD launched its criminal interdiction unit. 

“The criminal interdiction unit has been highly successful,” Arthur said. “In the last couple of months, we’ve seized more than a million dollars, drugs, guns, and so forth.”

Arthur has also revamped the training program for officers. 

“We used to send officers all over the country for training, and now we will only send our top people out, and then they will bring that back and train our officers here,” Arthur said. ”We want to train Lone Grove and other jurisdictions around here, because we are the biggest department in the area.”

Ardmore police have also hired more officers. 

“We were down about 15 when I got here, and we were fully staffed as of a few months ago, which is huge for us, adding another third to our department,” Arthur said. ”They’ve been operating without for 10 to 15 years... they haven't been fully staffed.”

They've also partnered with Lighthouse Behavioral Wellness on mental health services for officers. 

“It is a big passion of mine. Therapists can actually ride with officers during a shift, be able to visit where it's comfortable surroundings, and be able to get them in when they need help much earlier,” Arthur said.

Arthur said going forward, he's focused on advancing technology and addressing crime. 

“We will work on more technology tying in camera systems like Atlanta PD. They’ve improved their solve rate by 40 percent; those are the things we want to do here,” Arthur said. ”As we move forward and explore with our new police station, it all ties in with technology.”