(KTEN) – A celestial event that has not happened since December 2009 will happen on August 30; a super blue moon.

The super blue moon will be easily viewed throughout the night of August 30 with clear skies throughout the region. But, what exactly is a super blue moon?

A large full moon will appear in the Texoma sky on August 30


Well, to start, a blue moon is the second full moon that occurs in a single month, which occurs roughly every 10 years. This occurrence coined the phrase “once in a blue moon”.

A super moon is a full moon that is slightly larger than a typical full moon. This is caused by the moon being in perigee, which is the closest point it gets to Earth.

A full moon will be in perigee on August 30


A combination of these two celestial events results in the super blue moon. This moon will be the last super blue moon until 2037, so enjoy it while it lasts! This only happens… once in a blue moon!