ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — The Ardmore Mayor's Anti-Crime Task Force isn't a new committee, but it wasn't being utilized by city staff and local law enforcement.

"Our new finance director — whenever we were looking at making some purchases using the funds — found that there was no paperwork, and we could not find the original documents," said Assistant City Manager Kevin Norris. "They decided to come up with a new resolution and reestablish the Mayor's Anti-Crime Task Force."

The task force is a board made up of the Ardmore and Chickasaw Lighthorse police chiefs, the Carter County district attorney, and the director of Sara's Project.

"This was one of the funds — in addition to a drug fund and a couple of others — that we're able to use to fight crime without touching any taxpayer money," said Ardmore police Chief Cameron Arthur.

He added that a portion of the revenue brought in from Chickasaw smoke shops within the City of Ardmore is distributed to the anti-crime task force.

"It's been running at least a couple hundred thousand dollars a year," Arthur said. "We can improve technology. Let's say license plate readers that will identify violators for narcotics crimes on the interstate and in town."

There's a plan to get involved with school districts as well.

"We want to address after-school programs. I want the board to really focus on that," Arthur explained. "The human part of that is how are we reaching our youth. What can we do to improve their lives and make sure that they're not a victim of crime?"

The Mayor's Anti-Crime Task Force will meet for the first time in the next two weeks.