(KTEN) — The Sherman and Denison high school student councils are wrapping up their own friendly little competition with the Battle of the Ax canned food drive.

The students have been collecting donations since August 1. Sherman sends its collection off to MasterKey Ministries; Denison's food goes to the Denison Helping Hands food bank.

Last year, the Denison Yellow Jackets took home the Ax, with $100,000 worth of donations; the Sherman Bearcats collected $10,000.

Even as the schools seek to out-donate each other, student council members see the joint food drive as more of a cooperative effort.

"We can use our outreach, and people that can help others," said Sherman student Ella Woody. "We use that because a lot of people in our community really do have a need, especially in this time when people are struggling with money."

The purpose of the food drive is to use the oldest football rivalry in Texas for the greater good.

"At the end of the day, we're all friends, and we're so close to each other," said Denison student Corbyn Johnson. "I know BOTA... everyone thinks it's just a game, but this side of BOTA is also amazing as well."

The winner of this year's good drive competition will be announced just before kickoff Friday night.