HUGO, Okla. (KTEN) — "Why is our water bill so high?" asked Hugo resident Terrie Kaley. "And we can't drink the water?"

People are talking about water in Hugo.

"Water issues that we have here, and have had for quite some years," Robin Price added.

And now there's a 24-inch water main break near the water treatment plant.

"Just dry weather and things like that create line breaks," explained Hugo City Manager Leah Savage.  "Sometimes they're small breaks, like two inches. But this happened to be a very, very large one."

"Could go a day, maybe two days... we've gone a week without water," said utility customer Candice Toland. "Why does it get turned back on and it's brown? Granted, this time it wasn't as bad... it's been worse."

"The citizens understand that," said Price. "What we're concerned with is treatment of our citizens from our city employees with the water department, timely notices, chemicals in our water, filthy water."

Hugo has had years of bad water, based on notices utility customers get in the mail. Since at least 2014, they've been asked to use other water sources or received boil notices.

"Can't even water my animals; can't cook with it," said Toland. "You take a shower, I don't feel clean because there's dirt in my water. You can cup your hand and you will see dirt and sediment in your hand."

Some residents are venting their frustration on Facebook.

"I do understand the citizens concerns 100 percent," said Savage. "We just work as hard as we can to get it back together, cause it does make people uncomfortable, there are people with medical issues and different things."

Residents are asking their city officials to be more timely about notifications when there is a break, as well as asking for the infrastructure to be fixed.

"Trying as hard as we can to rectify the problems where they occur," said Savage. "We're working on building new lines, but we're not going to be able to build new lines everywhere tomorrow."