ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Turning your thermostat up a couple of degrees during peak electric demand hours — from 2 to 7 p.m. — could have a positive impact on your next energy bill.

OG&E spokesperson Carson Cunningham explains that each degree you raise your thermostat could lead to a 3 percent savings.

"Put your thermostat as high as you are comfortable with because every one degree higher can save up to 3 percent on energy costs." 

The best time to raise the temperature in your house is mid-afternoon through early evening; that timeframe has a major impact on the amount you see on energy bills.

"That's the peak of the heat and energy usage, and that's how things work when your energy bills come around," Cunningham explained. 

Giving the air conditioner a break and turning to ceiling fans when possible can also result in lower costs. 

"I use fans all over the house instead of running the air conditioner all of the time," said Wilson resident Sara Porter. "It's cheaper... a lot cheaper... especially with electricity at the high rate."

Using an alternative appliance like an air fryer instead of the oven also cuts energy usage.

"Things you don't really think about when it is a 105 outside is your oven, but it really uses a lot of energy... particularly in that 2-7 window when energy usage is at its highest," Cunningham said. "Your microwave actually uses 70 percent less than your oven, as well as slow cookers.'

OG&E offers its customers multiple money-saving programs, including smart hours, average monthly billing, and low income assistance.