MARIETTA, Oklahoma (KTEN)- Marietta running back Edward Hill took a moment to reflect on how he and his teammates have improved over the offseason.

“We’ve definitely gotten a lot better. A lot faster," Hill said. "We’ve just got to work on people getting here.”

But Marietta’s players aren’t slacking off. It’s the exact opposite.

“[We have] a ton of kids are good, hard working football players," Marietta head coach Alex Doby said. "And when I saw hard-working, they’ll practice till five and then they’re going to go to work for another five or six hours to help Mom and Dad keep the lights on, and I respect that.”

Marietta was 2-7 a year ago, but Doby said wins and losses on paper don’t always tell the full story.

“We were a pretty dang good two-win team," Doby said. "We averaged almost 450 yards of offense a game and you just got to stay healthy at a small school and we got nipped with the injury bug."

This year, Marietta will have only have five to six seniors on its roster. It means the Indians will rely on several any freshmen and sophomores.

“We’re just going to have to weather some of the young kid mistakes," Doby said. "They’re talented and they’ve been in this program for three years. Same weight program. Same scheme. Same expectations. And it’s kind of building up.”

One area where Marietta will have experience is in its backfield.

“We're definitely going to be a run team for sure," Marietta left guard Xavier Guerrero said. "Something to look out for. Passing is getting there. We’re definitely coming together.”

“Our run game, it’s pretty incredible," Hill added. "Just a sight to see.”

And after just three wins in his first three seasons as Marietta's head coach, Doby believes the foundation has been laid for Marietta to have a shot at it’s first playoff berth in six years.

“I’ve been telling them this is the year. It’s time. Let’s make some noise," Doby said. "You’ve earned it. You’ve learned a ton over the last three years. You’ve taking some licks. You've taken some butt-whippings. It’s your turn.” 

Marietta will get its season under way this Friday Aug. 25 when it travels east to take on Valliant.