DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Hitting the field on these extremely hot days has been tough on our Texoma athlete.  Now, more athletes are choosing a different way to stay hydrated: Fluids injected intravenously.

"This is obviously an extreme year. And what you do is... you accommodate," said Terry Thomas with IV Solutions. "The thing with what we're doing is, there's no sugars in here, so you're not going to get a crash from that. The electrolytes, the B-vitamins, the tri-amino acids for muscle healing, as well as the hydration side of it that's going to keep your body from hopefully going into a heatstroke or heat exhaustion or anything like that. "

These treatments have certainly been helpful in Texoma already.

"We've done athletes in Gunter, we've done Van Alstyne," Thomas said. "My kids were athletes there, my wife was a coach there."

On the Denison football field, it's all about building a routine… and having options.

"The biggest thing you do is you encourage kids to hydrate on their own," said Yellow Jackets head football coach Brent Whitson. "We have water on the field; we have Gatorade on the field; we have liquid IVs on the field. After practices, we have all three of those things."

Having choices wins approval from TexomaCare physician Dr. John Sissney.

"You can get too much sugar, too much sodium, too much potassium, so you do not want to have just straight Gatorade to rehydrate," he said.

Of course, the price tag comparison between an IV bag and a couple of Gatorades isn't even close, but IV Solutions in Sherman knows times can be tough.

"We do our student athletes for like $50 a student," Thomas said. "For some people, that's significant money, and I get that. If you don't go to us, or you don't go to another local IV person to get hydration, just keep the fluids going."

Hydrating consistently will keep an athlete ready to make the game-winning catch.

"if these athletes are trying to hydrate 10-20 minutes before practice, it's just not enough time," Sissney said.