CALERA, Okla. (KTEN) — Thursday is the first day of school for students in Calera, and kids want to look their best when the first bell rings.

So the Calera Police Department, Unique Designs Salon and other volunteer hairstylists are making sure young people are ready.

"I'm looking forward to school because it's fun," said Dominic Prince, who is beginning fourth grade.

The goal was to eliminate one expense for parents.

"It's a lot just getting kids ready for school, much less having to do haircuts — especially to have multiple kids," said police Chief Don Hyde.

All of Calera came together to make sure the kiddos went back to school feeling — and looking — good.

"We're so small, and everyone is together and helping everyone out getting back to school," said student Jeffrey Sweeney.

Unique Designs Salon owner Rhonda Manhard said she wanted to get involved to help give back to the community.

"Haircuts... one thing, they can be themselves. They can get it however they want it. They can be an individual," she said.