ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — A video that surfaced Monday showing an arrest in the parking lot of the Ada Walmart has sparked controversy around the city.

The recording shows Ada police officers arresting Justin Glaspey, a Department of Human Services employee in Pontotoc County.

“No matter what he was pulled over for, no one deserves to get beat whenever their hands are tied behind their back,” said Ada resident Mike Byars. “Just because you have a badge, it doesn't make you above the law.”

The police arrest report says officers attempted to stop Glaspey's car in the parking lot for investigative purposes after receiving a report that Glaspey was driving while intoxicated.

The report states that Glaspey drove away when officers attempted to stop his car the first time. He then stopped his vehicle in a different part of the parking lot.

Police said Glaspey resisted arrest multiple times and ignored commands from officers.

Officers resorted to use of a stun gun to subdue Glaspey after he failed to comply with commands. According to the report by Sgt. Jussely Canada, at one point Glaspey grabbed the Taser leads and threw them at Canada.

"I'm kind of at a loss for words for what happened to him," said Hunter Smith, who knows Glaspey. "He would give anybody the shirt off his back, and would do anything to help anybody."

Lighthorse police arrived to assist with the arrest, but first responders said Glaspey continued to resist when officers took him to the ground to gain custody.

While on the ground, police said Glaspey wouldn't give officers his hands. That's when an officer began striking the suspect's shoulder to free his arms from underneath him.

The Police report states, “I asked officers for a baton so I could pry his arm from underneath him as I was trained to do so, but no one had a baton on their person at the time, Sgt. Canada stated in the narrative report. “Officer Lindsey then began trying to get Mr. Glaspey to free his arms from underneath him by delivering strikes to Mr. Glaspey’s shoulders.” 

Sgt. Canada’s report goes on to say that Glaspey’s right arm was then placed in a handcuff, but his left arm was still underneath him. Canada attempted to drive stun the back of Glaspey’s shoulder to gain compliance but was unsuccessful. 

Officer Lindsey then began delivering more strikes to his left shoulder. While doing this, Glaspey bit Officer Lindsey’s hand. 

Glaspey was eventually handcuffed and transported to the Pontotoc County Justice Center. 

Canada filled out an arrest sheet for Glaspey for multiple charges, including driving under the influence, threatening an act of violence, assault and battery on a police officer, aggravated assault and battery on a police officer, resisting an officer, obstruction, and eluding an officer while endangering others. 

The Lighthorse Police Department said in a statement that an internal investigation is underway.