ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Ardmore welcomed around 200 taxpayers to the city's annual forum at the Ardmore Convention Center on Thursday afternoon.

Among the elected officials taking center stage was Mayor Sheryl Ellis, who discussed major projects and city developments — ranging from the city's wastewater treatment plant, infrastructure improvements, and the renewal of the Giving Ardmore a Plan for Success sales tax.

The city announced the addition of retail stores Five Below and Old Navy to 12th Avenue, as well as addressing housing development.

"We hoped that someone in the private sector would step up, and they did," Ellis said. "We can take some of these houses, rehabilitate them and sell them or rent them. That's good news."

Police Chief Cameron Arthur briefed taxpayers on department accomplishments since he became chief last August; detailing APD's average response time for calls — which is five minutes — as well as the importance of its criminal interdiction team.

"They've seized nearly a million dollars in cash in the last couple of months," Arthur said. "That money is allowed to be used. It's not taxpayer dollars."

Fire Chief Cary Williamson discussed AFD's total incident responses — totaling 2,700 — along with an update on new Fire Station No. 2.

"It should be breaking ground any day now. It was just bid out," Williamson said. "If you're familiar with where our Fire Station No. 2 is now, over on East Main and K Street, this is going right across the creek to the east."

The forum ended with celebrations of Ardmore's 136th birthday ahead of Depot Days on Saturday.